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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) I need to schedule a shipment to pick up after hours. Who do I contact?
The best thing to do is to send an email to or  call 678-779-4681


2.) Does Main Logistics 2 Inc. offer electronic tracking on all shipments?
Yes, we provide tracking services on all your shipments.


3.) Can customers get late-night tracking updates?
 Yes. Main Logistics 2 Inc. associates are accessible 24/7.


4.) Does Main Logistics 2 Inc. offer LTL services?

Yes, we can do LTL and partial loads.

5.) Where is Main Logistics 2 Inc. offices located?
Atlanta, GA and our home office is located in Auburn, GA


6.) How do I get a quote?

Send an email to or call 678-779-4681

7.) Does Main Logistics 2 Inc handle produce?
Yes, just give one of our experienced associates a call today.

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